How To Build Your Own DIY Tilt-Shift Lens.

Tilt-shift lenses are known to be quite expensive. Though there are some ways to replicate the effect with photoshop or through certain web- or mobile apps, any photographer will agree that there’s no better feeling than having a lens in your hand.

If you share that same opinion and you consider yourself quite a jack of all trades, then why not consider building a tilt-shift lens yourself?  At,  Bhautik Joshi has a DIY tilt-shift project that teaches you how to build a tilt-shift lens out of any old lens you may have.

Though you might need some additional parts (e.g. one of his lenses uses the inner tube of a bicycle), you certainly won’t go even near the hundreds of dollars a new lens would cost.

You can find the tutorial here:

Build your own Tilt-Shift Lens




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